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Floating in the Cloud

The Cloud — what is it?
You may have read articles mentioning this wondrous, cutting-edge computing technology, or seen an advert for cloud services, and wondered what the fuss was about. In a nutshell, the Cloud is data storage and other services delivered over the internet. With traditional computing, the computer is right in front of you; it has fixed limits of data capacity and computing speed. The Cloud, on the other hand, is a large, flexible “blob” of data resources accessible anytime and from nearly anywhere. The Cloud frees you from the need to buy and maintain extra computers — the cloud service provider does that for you. Though many cloud services are aimed at business, some are useful to the average Jane and Joe.
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Essential Ingredients
The Cloud delivers internet-based services that can process fairly large amounts of data. To make it work, you need a recent PC, laptop, or mobile device, an account with a Cloud service provider, and a high-speed internet connection such as cable, Wi-Fi, or 4G cellular data. A fast connection is essential because you may be moving many gigabytes of data back and forth; older links such as traditional dial-up would render cloud services too slow to be practical. Virtually all modern devices running current software will work fine with a cloud service; on the other hand, that old clunker PC you keep in the basement might not, and the simplest cell phones likewise wouldn’t have enough “brainpower” for the Cloud.

What’s Over There?
Cloud service providers maintain millions of gigabytes of hard drives in large warehouse-like facilities called data centres or server farms. They use very fast computer networks to manage the torrents of data traffic from millions of customers. The server farms are housed in secure buildings with controlled access and sophisticated fire prevention. Cloud facilities are also increasingly green, keeping a careful eye on energy consumption and carbon footprint. In addition, they employ teams of highly-trained technicians to oversee and maintain thousands of rack-mounted computers, replacing and upgrading them when necessary. Uptime, the measure of computer availability, is very close to 100 percent; maintenance and other routine tasks are done without affecting customer service.
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Example Cloud Services
Many companies provide a variety of cloud services. For example, Apple’s iCloud has data storage, file sharing, and remote access to your Mac desktop. LiveDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive offer a convenient way to share large files. Other general cloud services include word-processing programs, financial management software, and number crunching for business and science.
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The Cloud offers several advantages over traditional computing. For example, it is safer from hazards such as flood and fire; if you have a cloud account and your home or office should suffer these tragedies, your data will still be safe because it is at a different physical location. The cloud service provider takes responsibility for other risks such as theft, and maintains their own backups. Their technicians watch over the facilities to ensure the data remains safe. Cloud data is also easily shared across great distances, should you want to, as it is hosted on the internet. It is easy to upgrade your cloud account for greater speed and capacity should you need it; unlike a PC upgrade, there’s no downtime involved with a Cloud upgrade.

Cloud Storage
Data storage is one of the simplest examples of a cloud service. You rent a portion of the cloud service’s hard drive storage, usually many gigabyte’s worth; your computer treats it as if it were an extra hard drive on your desktop. You can use cloud storage to free up space on your PC’s internal hard drive, to archive important but seldom-used files, to or to share documents with others.

Cloud Backups
Several companies, including Carbonite, IDrive, Backblaze, and Mozy offer backup services that store data to the Cloud. With these services, a program on your computer copies files on your hard drive and sends them over the internet to a remote facility. The program runs on a regular schedule, keeping the backup copies current. If your computer should suffer a data loss, you can recover your files easily by copying them back from the Cloud. Cloud backup plans cover nearly any situation, from mobile devices and home PCs to large businesses.

Cloud Apps
You can access many kinds of software services in the Cloud. Application packages such as Google Docs, Microsoft’s Office Online, and OnlyOffice provide online word processing, spreadsheet, and other common office functions through common web browsers, taking the place of traditional software installed on your PC. Other business-oriented applications include Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, GoToMeeting, an online conferencing program, and Workday, used for financial and Human Resources management.
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