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Thinking About a Laptop Upgrade?

Request a computer repair technician in Brisbane You want to sell your laptop! Perhaps you’re planning to upgrade to the current model laptops that are available and get rid of your old one. Maybe you have been given a top of the range, fast and powerful laptop for your birthday.

Now you have to decide whether you sell your old one or perhaps present it to a friend or relative.

If it’s quite old you can donate it to a centre that recycles old laptops, but if it still works okay, it would be nice to be able to make a few dollars. If you want to do any of those - sell, give away or donate, there are some things you must do to prepare.

What You have to do Before Selling

A realistic assessment of the condition of your laptop needs to be done. Are there any major problems such as a broken or cracked screen? Are all the keys working and are there any missing? Does it charge okay?

When you are selling your laptop, approach it as if you are buying it. Would you buy anything that has problems that need fixing before you can use it? Places like Computer Repairs Brisbane are specialists in checking that your laptop is okay or at least recommending repairs.

Fixing the problems or even upgrading the old one can help sell it although the repair costs might be more than the sell price! These are not jobs you can do yourself unless you’re a real handyman with electronics. It makes sense to use the services of an expert in laptop repairs to do the work. At least get a quote so you know what you are going to be paying.
Recycle, Sell, or Donate
If your laptop is way beyond a practical repair job, giving it to a charity or recycling it are good options. There is always someone out there that can find a use for old laptops.
Pre-Sell Preparation of the Laptop
It’s most important that the laptop is cleaned of any personal data (you should have backed it up anyway), and not have missing accessories. These days replacement chargers are easy to buy and instruction manuals can be found online.

When you advertise it, don’t forget to list all the laptop's specifications and to highlight any special software or additional hardware that you may have uploaded over time.

While it should go without saying, the laptop must be have no malware or viruses. You can do that with programs or you can have your favourite computer specialist like Computer Repair Yarrabilba make absolutely sure that it’s squeaky clean.
Request a computer repair technician in Yarrabilba Demand
The fact that your laptop is old might make it hard to sell. However, a cheap second-hand laptop can be a very useful addition to a young student for research, to a mum at home for her to blog or look up recipes, for an older person to learn how to use a computer. Not everybody needs the latest and the greatest.

Gaming laptops are extremely good sellers. If you had set your laptop up as a gaming device with extra RAM and a good Video card, it will be a lot easier to sell.

Make sure you let your family and friends know that you are looking to sell your laptop. Even though they might not buy it, spreading the sale word of mouth increases the prospective buyer base. If you want to know more what you can do with your old laptop get in contact with Computer Repairs Logan, Computer Repairs Yarrabilba, Computer Repairs Brisbane, Computer Repairs Ipswich, you can also find us at Laptop Repairs Springfield Lakes or on the Gold Coast. Can't wait then call: 0403-755-519.
The Benefits of Social Media
By using your own Facebook page, it can help advertise your laptop for sale. These are the times when using social media accounts can be a very good idea. Make sure you list the specs and add a current photo image to the sales page, along with the price.

Request a computer repair technician in Brisbane EBay, Gumtree or Trade it in
If you have sold stuff either on eBay or Gumtree, then your chances of selling there again are fairly good. You need to adopt all the necessary precautions selling items online.

You can always opt to trade in the laptop. You might not get the price you want but the real advantage is a quick sale and it will probably save you a lot of hassles and frustration of making the sale yourself.

Amazon provide ways and means to trade I the laptop by providing their gift cards or coupons instead of paying in cash. It’s the same with Apple. If your laptop is a MacBook, Apple will offer you a gift card based on the calculated current value of the item.

Last but not least, before you ship your laptop off to the buyer make sure that you have received the money first. Yes, it sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people that will send an item to a prospective buyer in good faith. As you can see there is a lot of preparation work to do when selling a personal computer. Make sure it’s a clean machine! If you have any questions or need help cleaning up your laptop before selling it speak to us at computer repairs Logan. We are just a call away.
Here at CompuRepair, each and every one of our computer technicians has been carefully selected; we make sure that they have the appropriate technical expertise and experience. So, if you need same day, onsite computer repairs Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Forest Lakes, North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Yarrabilba or on the Gold Coast then Contact Us Now: 1300-82-92-62.

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