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Local Area Network (LAN) Setup
A local area network is a group of interconnected computers and peripheral equipment within a limited area, such as a home, an office, or small group of buildings. The LAN allows computers to share resources and information with each other such as printers, internet connection, software applications (network games) and computer files.

Setting up a full network that allows all of your devices to communicate together easily, and keeps the security tight as well, requires a little understanding in networking basics. If you don't know how to troubleshoot home networking problems, relax. CompuRepair can help you get the most out of your technology that you have today and what will come tomorrow.

No matter which operating system or computer brand you have, CompuRepair can solve your wired or wireless network repair or network setup problems fast and efficient. Instead of facing what could be hours of frustration as you wait for your home networking devices to connect, or risk setting up a connection that isn't secure, contact us first. One of our technicians will connect every wireless device and make sure it's secure, too. Without the proper security enabled, any person close-by could log onto your system without you even knowing it. Why take this risk?

Our technicians are trained to setup and repair Networks (LANs) it doesn't matter what equipment you have or want to get - we are only a call away: 0403-755-519 .

Very impressed. Sorry for my late feedback but had to wait as the previous Geek tech charged my nearly $500.00 without fixing the issues - slow computer, good for 2 days and then back to slow again. Geek tech was here for 3 hours and couldn't figure out the problem. Gunter fixed the issue in just over an hour, I had 3 AV packages installed that slowed down my computer. Highly recommend CompuRepair.
David, Southport
Wireless Network Setup and Repair Help
What Hardware Is Required to Build a Wireless Network?
The key hardware components of a wireless computer network (WLAN) include adapters, routers, access points, antennas and repeaters.

How Many Computers Can Share One Wi-Fi Network?
Most WiFi wireless access points / routers claim to support up to 255 connected devices. Access points and routers support a small number - usually 1 to 4 - of wired Ethernet and the rest via wireless connections.

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Computer Hardware Better than 2.4 GHz?
Wireless computer network equipment typically uses radio signals in either a 2.4 GHz range or a 5 GHz range. These numbers are advertised prominently on product packaging, but their meaning is often misunderstood. Is 5 GHz network hardware better than 2.4 GHz hardware just because it carries a bigger number?

No. 5 GHz hardware offers a few advantages over 2.4 GHz hardware, but in practice, 2.4 GHz is usually the better choice for home and other wireless local networks.

Is It Legal to Use Open Access Wi-Fi Internet Connections?
Wi-Fi wireless technology simplifies the sharing of network connections between multiple computers and people. Even if you don't subscribe to Internet service, you can log on to public hotspots or to a neighbour's wireless access point to get online. However, using someone else's Internet service isn't always a good idea. It may even be illegal in case you access your neighbours Internet without their permission.

Network Setup and Network Repair Help
Whether you have large family that needs to connect additional devices or you are upgrading an existing home network one thing is certain, the clutter and inconvenience of wires are no longer a factor. Welcome to the wireless revolution. With a home wireless network the placement of your computer, printer or any other wireless device is up to you, and getting you there is where we come in.

Up until now things have been pretty straight forward when it came to setting up a home network but with wireless technology there are new concerns, as well as hazards. There are types of wireless connections that are better than others when considering your compatibility, stability, and security needs.

Here at CompuRepair , each and every one of our computer technicians has been carefully selected; we make sure that they have the appropriate technical expertise and experience. So, if you need same day, onsite computer repairs in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast then Contact Us now.
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