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Website or Web Page Design
Domain Name
It is important to spend time on choosing the right domain name for your web presense. There are several aspects to consider, keep the name short, what type of extension (.com;; .biz; ...), is the name available, are there trademarks registered for the name you like to have. If not sure, contact us, we can help to find the best available name for your business presense on the web.

Strategic Considerations
Promote Your Business. Promoting your business online is a great reason for having a website. With the high level of competition, having a website isnít enough. You need a planned approach to not just building website traffic, but for converting that traffic into business results.

24/7 Availability. A website can provide around the clock customer service that may be too expensive to implement with human staff.

Improved Customer Service. In a society that craves instant gratification, tech-savvy customers value the option of being able to complete customer service tasks online with out the need to talk to a customer service representative. From mundane tasks like reviewing billing histories or resetting passwords, a website that is connected through to your back end system can improve the level of service that you are able to offer to your customers.

Staff requirements. By adding self service capabilities to your website you may be able to reduce the load on your call centre, sales team and customer service staff. By reducing that workload your business will be able to efficiently service a larger customer base without needing to hire additional people.

Web Hosting
What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technology and services needed for the website or web page to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

What are the criteria to choose a web host?
You want a web host that can guarantee that your website will be available 24/7. Most reputable web hosting businesses promote a level of availability of around 99.99%. Before selecting a web hosting company, itís worth checking their statistics to make sure they offer a high level of service.

CompuRepair and Website Design / Website Hosting
We have the necessary equipment and tools to design and host your website or web pages. We use high speed servers with 99.9% up-time, which means your web presense is 24/7. We can design any size website or web pages based on your personal preferences, using tools like Wordpress, Joomla or just basic HTML, it's your choice. Our work does not stop there, we are also experts in marketing your website on Google or any other search engine - we are only a call away: 0403-755-519 .

Excellent tech. I have used these guys 3 times now for my business and home computer and they are very professional and prompt.
Lisa, Logan
Here at CompuRepair , each and every one of our computer technicians has been carefully selected; we make sure that they have the appropriate technical expertise and experience. So, if you need same day, onsite computer repairs in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast then Contact Us now.
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