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I have just used the best computer repair company I have ever experienced. You guys were so professional, punctual, sooo reasonable and not at all what I was expecting. Will certainly refer you to family and friends without hesitation. Thanks for all your help and all the best in the future.
Clare, Logan Central

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Computer Upgrade?

Time for a New Computer?
To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Is the computer sitting on your desk good for a few more years, or has the thing had it? Sure, new computers have appeal: unboxing a clean new machine with the latest, greatest software and booting it up for the first time, the hassles and flaws of the old clunker fading in the rear view mirror. But before you put down hard-earned money on a new PC, have a good look at the one you already have. Some simple maintenance or a low-cost upgrade can give it a new lease on life.
Computer repairs Brisbane and Computer repairs Logan can help you with the difficult choice to upgrade or replace your computer. Call us for a free consultation.

The Speed Wall
In decades past, new computers had striking speed advantages over old ones; the chips that went into PCs improved steadily and dramatically. However, for about ten years, new microprocessors no longer offer the big gains they used to. The reasons are mostly technical, but the latest whiz-bang machines are no longer much faster than last year’s at the same price point. For some time, chipmakers have been focusing development on sexy Smartphones and not said desktops. So if your five-year-old desktop or laptop seems slow, a new machine at the same price might not be much better. You can get some improvement by spending double or triple your initial investment, but even that might not blow your socks off. However, don’t despair; there’s ways to wring more performance from the PC you already have without breaking the bank.

Memory Upgrade
A RAM (memory) upgrade is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your computer faster and more capable. Modern operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS are designed to take advantage of all memory available; the more you have, the better it works. Some computers, however, come from the factory with minimal installed memory, keeping the cost low though limiting the machine’s performance and usability. If you find yourself waiting long stretches whilst your software “thinks”, a memory shortage may be the culprit. By adding the right memory modules to the computer’s internal slots, its performance can be improved dramatically.
Call us for fast, professional upgrades to RAM and other components! Same-day, onsite computer maintenance and repair in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Forest Lakes, North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Yarrabilba or on the Gold Coast. Contact Us Now: 0403-755-519.

Hard Drives
Most modern hard drives have vast storage capabilities compared to older examples from just a few years ago. Although the average home user might never fill up their computer’s drive space, large media collections, such as photos, video, and music can use up all the available room on a PC. A space-limited computer can become sluggish or even crash altogether, as it needs free space for housekeeping and temporary storage. Fortunately, hard drives are easily replaced by a competent technician and are inexpensive compared to a new PC.

A relatively new technology called the Solid State Drive (SSD) replaces traditional mechanical hard drives with flash memory — a compact, solid-state technology that has been improving by leaps and bounds. Though currently more expensive than hard drives, SSDs have been increasingly finding their way into consumer PCs. Their main benefit is speed, reducing start-up times to a few seconds and improving overall performance significantly.
Network setup Brisbane. We’ll set up a fast, efficient data network for you, or troubleshoot your existing network. Call us today: 0403-755-519.

Processor Upgrade
Some computers have a special socket inside that lets you remove the old microprocessor and put in a new one. By simply replacing the chip, you can see a noticeable speed increase. Note however that not many consumer-grade machines have the ability to replace the CPU chip; it depends on the model.

Few things in modern life are as frustrating as a malware infection. Viruses can clog your computer with annoying pop-ups and unwanted adverts, scramble its files, or even shut it down completely. Yes, though you can replace your old computer when it becomes infested with viruses and malware — and many do —, your money’s better spent on professional cleanup and recovery. With the right methods, your computer can be restored to its original speedy self.
Slow computer? Don’t junk it — Call us! We do computer repairs in Springfield Lakes or any other areas around Brisbane. We can remove any unwanted programs including Malware and viruses.

When to Buy
Of course, there are completely sensible reasons for getting a new PC. A very old machine might not be able to run the latest software, for example. Kids and other family members might need their own computer for school or work. Damage or theft might make a new machine a necessity. You might want to switch from PC to Mac or the other way around. Or you may have outgrown a budget laptop or all-in-one that has had limited upgrade options.
Here at CompuRepair, each and every one of our computer technicians has been carefully selected; we make sure that they have the appropriate technical expertise and experience. So, if you need same day, onsite computer repairs Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Forest Lakes, North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Yarrabilba or on the Gold Coast then Contact Us Now: 1300-82-92-62.

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