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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft have just given its Windows 10 operating system, released a year ago, a facelift — a free upgrade called the Anniversary Update. The Update enhances features already found in Windows 10 and adds a few new capabilities.
Windows 10 Recap
Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system, the main software that manages a computer’s resources, including memory, hard drive space, networking and security. It follows in the footsteps of XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and many new desktop, laptop, and tablet computers now ship with Windows 10. Among other new features it includes Cortana, the intelligent assistant that can respond to spoken commands, Edge, Microsoft’s newest web browser, a centralised notification centre, and Continuum, which allows tablet computers to switch smoothly between touchscreen and traditional keyboard-and-mouse operation. Windows 10 addresses many of the shortcomings in Windows 8 that dented its popularity with many users. For example, Windows 10 reintroduced the Start Menu, an updated version of the Start Button feature Windows users have relied on for many years. The Anniversary Update improves on various Windows 10 features, outlined below:
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Cortana Boost
The Anniversary Update lets Cortana work through the Windows lock screen, so you can issue commands such as set a reminder or create a note without logging in. Cortana can now also use Outlook for such things as setting appointments and sending emails.

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Edge Browser Improvements
The Update improves on the Microsoft Edge web browser by adding extensions, small plug-in programs similar to those already available for other browsers such as Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. Extensions perform a variety of convenience and productivity tasks such as ad blocking, password management, and document management.

Windows Ink
Artists, architects and other tablet and touch screen PC users like to trace, write, draw, and paint graphics on the screen using a stylus, a pen-like gadget that allows new ways to control a computer’s graphical interface. Windows Ink, first introduced with Windows 10, takes on a more comprehensive role in the operating system, letting you do more with a stylus than before.
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Time Zone Switching
Frequent flyers, rejoice! The Anniversary Update brings automatic time zone switching to Windows 10. The clock in your tablet or laptop will automatically adjust for correct time as you cross time zones.

Easier Dark Theme
The original Windows 10 allowed users to give their screens a dark theme, a visual style that put light text on a dark background. Getting there, however, took some tricking around with the Registry, a program usually reserved for hardcore technical types. With the Anniversary Update, you can enable the Dark Theme via the Settings app. Once in Settings, go to Personalisation > Colours. Scroll down till you see the option “Choose your mode,” and select the “Dark” mode. To revert back to the original look, follow the same steps and choose the “Light” option.

Windows Hello for Apps
Windows 10 introduced Windows Hello, a feature that uses the built-in camera now found on many laptops and other devices to log you in without a password. With Windows Hello, the computer “recognises” your face and gives you access. The Anniversary Update extends this feature into apps, allowing you to carry out tasks such as online shopping and banking without the need for memorised passwords.

Update Tips
The Anniversary Update process takes 3GB of free hard drive space to complete its work. In these days of 500GB drives common as jelly beans, 3 extra gigabytes shouldn’t be a problem though it pays to check your drive space before doing the Update. Also, remember to back up your computer first; if any glitches interrupt the Update, your Windows software can suffer severe damage.
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